The Oven Range (Renji in Japanese) is a boss character in Bomberman Max 2 and Bomberman Portable. It is a giant demonic microwave.

Bomberman Max 2

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Bomberman Portable

The Oven Range made its second appearance in the Electro World from Bomberman Portable. Where it is faced again as a boss of the stage. Like most of the boss battle stages thorough the series, the Oven Range is faced in an open battlefield with no grid of Hard Blocks, which in fact could be somewhat of an advantage to the player as its movements are quite unpredictable in this version. The Oven Range's attacks can be extremely deadly to the player if the player does not respond to its attacks quick enough. Unlike its previous incarnation from Bomberman Max 2, the Oven Range's agility and attacks have improved drastically to counter against the player. It is now able to protect itself from any kind of explosive damage by closing its door which acts as a shield to protect its only vulnerable section, its interior with two red eyes. The Oven Range will inevitably drop its door if it is about to launch attacks at the player, leaving its face exposed to the player and giving the player a chance to cause damage to it. It will close up its door in less than 4 seconds upon attacking regardless if it receives damage from the player or not. It utilizes two forms of attacks. The first attack is its signature tail made up of cookies, unlike its attack pattern in Bomberman Max 2, it can no longer extend its tail and land the attack at the player. Which results in this attack will be used only if the player is standing in front of it, this attack can be super deadly as it is launched rapidly with little warning. If the player failed to escape from its sight it will utilize this move immediately, potentially killing the player if the player did not respond quick enough. The Oven Range is also no longer utilizing food to attack the player like it did in Bomberman Max 2, but it is implemented with electricity shock as its new attack. If the player is not within the Oven Range's sight, it will drop its door and sends electrical waves in four directions, covering the entire screen vertically and horizontally. While this attack can be easily avoided if the player prevent standing vertically or horizontally as the Oven Range while confronting it. As it takes enough damage, it will shoot eight waves instead of four. Making this much harder for the player to avoid its attack.

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