Oshikura Manjuu (オシクラマンジュウ) is the third stage in the Battle Game of Super Bomberman 2. In this stage, players cannot pass through each other as they usually can. Instead, a player who walks into another player will slowly push the other player away. If two players walk into each other, neither will advance. The element of Screen Wrapping, labeled as a "Warp" or "Warp Zone", is listed as the featured trap of this stage. There are four "Warp Zones" (two passages) through which players may screen wrap out of the top or bottom of the stage.

There are more possible items than there are Soft Blocks, and Soft Blocks may or may not contain items. Therefore, not all of the listed items will appear during a match.


Special Techniques

Because players can collide and push each other, strategies may be significantly altered. The following pushing techniques are described in the Super Bomberman 2 Hudson Soft Guidebook.

  • Interruption Push - One player stands just barely onto the aisle in front of an opponent. The opponent is then trapped between the blocking player and a bomb. When the bomb explodes, the opponent will be defeated, but the blocking player will be safe because he or she is mostly out of the way.
  • Push and Throw - Using the Power Glove, a player stands in front of an opponent and throws a bomb to the other side of the opponent while both players stand in a corridor. The opponent is then trapped between the bomb and the blocking player. A second bomb can now be placed so that the blocking player may escape to safety.
  • Collaboration Push - In a corridor, one player blocks an opponent while a second player places a bomb on the other side. The opponent is now trapped between the bomb and the blocking player.


  • Oshikura Manju is a Japanese game in which two people stand back-to-back and push into each other.


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