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Orkman (オークマン, Ōkuman) is an enemy in Bomberman Tournament.


Orkman is found in the Grass Zone. It moves at a normal pace, constantly pursuing Bomberman. Its main method of attack is its spear.[1]

Around every five seconds, Orkman will stop moving and either sniff the air or thrust its spear in whichever direction it is facing. It will also thrust its spear when Bomberman lines up in its line of sight, regardless of whether or not there are obstacles between them, and regardless of its distance from Bomberman. It will continue to stand still, thrusting toward Bomberman until he leaves its line of sight. The spear has a range of two tile spaces.

Both Orkman and its spear will harm Bomberman on collision. It takes 1 hit to defeat, and could potentially drop Gold or Small Medicine.


  • This enemy first appeared in an earlier Hudson Soft game, Neutopia II. In that game, it behaved similarly to how it does in Bomberman Tournament.