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Onbu (オンブー, Onbū) is a rideable enemy from Neo Bomberman. It comes from a biological Egg.


Onbu is found in Stage 4 and Stage 5. It moves at a normal pace, only turning upon collision with a wall or bomb. Periodically, it will trip and fall down. It then struggles to get back up for a while before returning to its regular movement pattern. It will harm the player on collision and takes 1 hit (1P mode), or 2 hits (2P mode/Lv6 difficulty) to defeat and yield a score of 400 points.

Upon defeat, Onbu becomes a biological Egg.


When riding Onbu, the player moves at an incredibly slow pace, making Onbu the slowest and most useless rideable character. Fortunately, players can use Onbu and its slow speed to their advantage for strategies i.e. sneak attacks in case they are too fast.


  • "Onbu" is a Japanese word that means "to carry on one's back", but it also translates to "piggyback ride" (おんぶ). However, the real translation to the phrase is "Seou" (背負う).
  • It bears a small resemblance to Hoop Ghost, especially its facial expression and similar species, though Onbu is more flesh-colored.
  • In its enemy behavior, Onbu is standing up straight. But in its rideable character behavior, Onbu is slightly shorter with its arms sticking out from the sides of its body, making Onbu have two different sprites, as seen here