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Ocean Current artwork from the Super Bomberman 3 manual

Ocean Current (海 流), also known as Water Current (水流), is a type of trap that appears in some Bomberman games.


It consists of two Hard Block whirlpools. When a player steps onto the space between the whirlpools, he or she is pushed quickly in a specific direction. Players passing between the whirlpools while moving in the direction of the current will be thrust into the next bomb or wall (by pushing the opposite direction on the directional pad after passing through, the extent of the shove can be reduced to four tiles). Players attempting to pass between the whirlpools in the opposite direction will only be pushed back three tile spaces.

The direction of the current is indicated by the direction that the whirlpools are rotating.

Whirlpools can become a problem when a passing player is thrust into an explosion, monster, or other hazard. Players can also potentially be shot into dead ends, from which the only escape is either death, a time-up, or aid from player on the outside who can clear a path of Soft Blocks to get the trapped player out.

B'94 - Dash Roller

In Bomberman '94, they appear as the Dash Roller (ダッシュローラー) trap, comprised of two rotating gears, found in the Final Area. They work the same way as the Ocean Current.

In Bomberman World, Ocean Currents appear both in their original form and as tornados on dry land. Underwater currents in this game allow Bomberman to cross gaps.

In Bomberman Tournament, they appear in the underwater section of Beach Zone. They work similarly as Super Bomberman 3.



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