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BW - Nyanjiro - 01

Nyanjiro (にゃんじろう, Nyanjirō) is a rideable armor character in Bomberman World.


It is a yellow and brown cat which was first showcased by Fire Bomber, before he sealed the armor away. When Fire Bomber was defeated, the seal was broken, and Bomberman would be able to ride it and could then be used for the next fight.

It can survive only one attack. His normal ability is launching four bombs forward in a semi-circle; two 3 tiles ahead and 2 tiles to the side, and two 1 tile ahead and 4 tiles to the side. Nyanjiro can't move for 1.5 seconds after performing this ability. If the player has no Bomb Ups, only one bomb will be fired. His special ability is launching eight bombs in a full circle.

  • Standard ability: Launch 4 bombs simultaneously.
  • Special ability: Launch 8 bombs simultaneously.


  • Nyanjiro could only be used for the Gangoron fight, after having defeated it, Nyanjiro will not be available again.
  • Nyanjiro was supposed to appear in Virtual Bomberman, but the game was cancelled.