Noronoro, also known as Seichon, is an enemy that appears in Saturn Bomberman.

Noronoro begins as a caterpillar. It moves slowly, randomly turning or reversing its direction at intersections. It will harm the player on collision.

After some time, Noronoro will stop moving and shed its caterpillar form, becoming a butterfly. It then flies slowly, turning at every other intersection or upon colliding with a Hard Block or bomb. In this state, it passes freely over Soft Blocks.


  • The name "Noronoro" is a Japanese onomatopoeia which means "slowly". This may refer to the speed of a caterpillar.
  • The name "Seichon" comes from the Japanese word "seichou", meaning "to grow into adulthood".
  • This enemy was named Seichon in the manual, while in the official guidebook, he was named Noronoro.
  • Noronoro is the caterpillar and Seichon is the butterfly.


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