No. 398 is one of the most notable Hige Hige Bandits in the Bomberman Jetters anime. He debuts in episode 14, where he is the Department Chief Hige disguised as a normal citizen in Planet Jetters to infiltrate the Jetters plans, although never seen to actually infiltrate the Jetters. No. 398 also has raised a family, married, and has a daughter.

No. 398 also appears in episode 42, where he is having dinner with his family and the three Hige Higes. He appears in the following episode during the "Storming of the Shumulvault". However, Mujoe was kind enough to leave No. 398 behind, so that he may stay with his family.


No. 398 raised a family in Planet Jetters. He is married to a blue-haired alien. His daughter has similar appearances to a Hige Hige robot, though, with hair and can actually speak. It is unknown how No. 398 met his wife.


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