Namename is an enemy from Super Bomberman 5. It appears in Zone 5. It is a strange blue creature with yellow hair, googly eyes and pink lips.

Namename always moves forward at a slow pace, and will always turn to the right after colliding with a wall. It will only turn left when the path to the right is blocked, and will never reverse direction unless it goes into a dead end. If Namename lines up horizontally or vertically with a bomb, and there are no obstacles in between them, it will begin to move toward it. Once Namename is 2 tiles spaces away from the bomb, it will shoot out its tongue and devour it. Its tongue has a range of 3 and does not harm the player.


  • The name "Namename" is based off the Japanese word "nameru", which means "licking". This refers to Namename's attack by using its tongue to eat bombs.
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