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Phantom Bomber when the Mystic Hatter appears.

The Mystic Hatter, known as the Mystic Echo in Japan, is the second form of Phantom Bomber and is fought on Planet Brainwave in Super Bomberman R.


The Mystic Hatter resembles a large mechanical magician. It has something resembling a clock on its hat, and its hands have claws on the thumbs, pointers, middle fingers, and ring fingers, allowing it to claw at its opponents. During the second phase of his boss fight, Phantom Bomber gets inside the Mystic Hatter.

The Mystic Hatter's arena is different to the other bosses, with four raised platforms wrapped around projectors that boost its power. The projectors turn black when their health is drained.

The Mystic Hatter has three attacks: Claw Slash (in which it slashes at Bomberman with its claws), Claw Slam (where it slams its hands into a certain spot) and Homing Attack (which summons an energy pulse where Bomberman is standing). All are issued at random.

The Mystic Hatter's weak points are the four projectors on the four raised platforms. Once its projectors are defeated, the Mystic Hatter's power fades and it collapses, leaving its body vulnerable to attack.

Once it drops to half its HP, the Mystic Hatter's attacks are expedited.

Attack Patterns[]

  • Beam Attack: Clock hands are on 12
  • Claw Swipe: Clock hands are on 9 and 12
  • Claw Launch: Clock hands are on 12 and 3


  • The Mystic Hatter's name and appearance resembles and references to Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.
  • The Mystic Hatter is one of two bosses that does not move except to attack, as it stays at the north end of its arena, the other being the Seventh Rank, the Golem Bomber's mecha fought on Planet Timbertree, which occupies the middle of the arena; however, the Seventh Rank rotates.