Muscle Bomber (マッスルボンバー, Massurubonbā, in Japanese) is a boss from Super Bomberman 5 and is one of the members of the Fiendish Bombers. Muscle is a large character with a blue head and a red body. He has superhuman strength, and used it to cause mass destruction. His most notable crimes were the destruction of five tanker ships and three high-rise buildings. He is one of two bosses possible in Zone 3. He is worth 3500 points, and a Power Glove will appear once he has been defeated.



  • Muscle Bomber makes a cameo appearance in the intro of Bomberman Fantasy Race. He is seen seated in front of White and Black Bomberman.
  • Muscle Bomber is pictured with a bomb barbell, though he doesn't use it.
  • Muscle Bomber is the second strongest member of the Fiendish Bombers, but is not as strong as Baron Bombano.



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