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This page is about Saturn Bomberman's boss Mujoe. If you want to read about the character, see Mujoe.

Mr. Meanie, piloted by Mujoe, is the fifth and penultimate boss of Saturn Bomberman. He is a huge mecha that is piloted by Mujoe himself.


Mr. Meanie will rise above the battlefield, or specifically, fall down to the battlefield, piece by piece, in order; so big that he will physically threaten to crush the arena with his hands at any moment. Mr. Meanie will not physically harm the player on collision despite being very close. During this time, he will perform one of four attacks:

  • Missiles - His shoulders will spin, firing missiles that land in random parts of the arena with a 2-tile blast radius. The landing point of the missiles are indicated by shadows.
  • Laser - The forehead gem will glow, producing a huge laser blast covering the center of 7 pieces. Bombs trapped under the laser will instantly explode with a radius of 1 tile (from origin).
  • Mini Weapon - His chest plates will expose two mini weapons for 10 seconds: they will try to block the player before firing a single shot and need to retry.
  • When Mr. Meanie is most damaged, he will attempt to make random moves without a target.
  • Electric Current - His hands can extend, producing electricity conductors that will zap any number of the three horizontal corridors, changing those in half, often paired with the fired of shoulder missiles. The player must wisely choose their hiding places. The electric current will hurt you if you're not careful.


The boss's weak point is his cockpit, although when the building is crushed, the weak point changes to the light bulb in his abdomen. Using Line Bombs is a good way to reach them without having to spend time.



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