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Mujoe is one of the antagonists of the Bomberman Jetters anime. In other occasions, he may be helping the Jetters, most notably towards the end of the series. His main priority is to impress Bagura by stealing one-of-a-kind items in the universe, as the normal commander of the Hige Hige Bandits.

Although he frequently antagonizes the Jetters, Mujoe is a misunderstood man with a sense of honor, and is not truly evil. He has no great ambitions, only wishing to impress Bagura and Mama, to keep his job as the Hige Hige commander, and to boost his own inflated ego by defeating the Jetters. Unlike Max and Dr. Mechado, he never seeks to destroy the Jetters, only wishing to scare them off when stealing the Unique Items. He eventually becomes an ally and unofficial member of the Jetters after being betrayed and exiled by Mechado.


Mujoe started out as a wasted, lonely man, drinking his life away. Bagura found him drunk and takes him to his home. The two struck a bond with each other, and after showing Mujoe one of the Hige Hige Bandits he invented, Bagura offered Mujoe a position as the Bandits' commander. They swore an oath of friendship over a cup of ramen, in a manner similar to yakuza members sharing a cup of sake to become "sworn brothers." During this ceremony, Mujoe broke the chopsticks in half, so that they could share the meal. They would continue to carry the chopstick pieces with them to remember the oath. Afterwards, the two built the Shumulvault, and began stealing the Unique Items.


  • Mujoe respected Mighty as a worthy and honorable opponent, and felt guilty over being partly responsible for his death when a Hige Hige laser cannon that was only intended to scare the Jetters malfunctioned and wounded Mighty.
  • Mujoe is infatuated with the bartender Mama. She shows little interest in him, but cares for him enough to support him in improving himself and to offer advice.

Episode appearances

Mujoe appears in a majority of the anime episodes as one of the main antagonists of the series.



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