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The Moving Block (移動ブロック) is a trap that appears in the Battle Mode of Super Bomberman 3.


It is a large, 3x3 tile space Hard Block with a face carved into it. Frequently and at regular intervals, the Moving Block will move one tile space in a random direction (either up, down, left, or right). In doing so, it will cover three new tile spaces, and will crush anything underneath it - bombs will be detonated, Soft Blocks will be destroyed, and players will be harmed. The Block only remains in its new position for about a second before returning to its original position.

The Moving Block's eyes will light up and flicker four times before it moves, providing players with a brief warning. However, due to the frequency of its movements, the area around the Block is always dangerous.

When the trap moves to another spot, dark sand, resembling Quicksand, is revealed beneath it. However, players cannot step onto this area, as it functions like a group of Hard Blocks. The 3x3 tile space area of the Moving Block's starting position is always impassable, while the area that it takes up when moving to a new space is not impassable, but will harm players who are within it.

Because the Moving Block always appears in the center of a stage, when a fifth player is present, that player has a distinct advantage over the other players. Early on in the match, the Moving Block will generally destroy many Soft Blocks, revealing any items that they may contain. As the fifth player has immediate access to the Moving Block, he or she may easily grab these items as they appear. However, caution must be taken, as next direction in which the trap will move is unpredictable. A player wishing to grab the items revealed by the Moving Block may want to wait until the Block has moved in a different direction, providing more time to step in and out of the danger zone.


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