The Mother Computer Chips (マザーコンピュータのチップ) provide the programming for the Mother Computers on the five planets that appear in Super Bomberman 3. Professor Bagura commanded the Five Dastardly Bombers to steal them in an attempt to conquer Bomber Nebula. As a result, the Mother Computers and their planets lost all power.

The chips were broken into four pieces each and scattered across their respective planets. Each piece was sealed within a Control Capsule, maintained by Core Mechanisms and guarded by monsters and robots. White Bomberman and Black Bomberman were sent to recover the Mother Computer Chips and restore the peace.


Imprinted on each Mother Computer Chip is the image of a differently-colored Bomberman head: Swamp Attack has Green, Firestorm has Red, Deep Sea has Blue (or possibly Aqua), Pyramid has Black, and Winterland has White.

According to the European manual, the Mother Computers are owned by the United Planet Federation.


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