Moon Warp (ゲツメンワープ, literally Moon's Surface Warp in Japan) is the eighth stage in the Battle Mode of Bomberman Tournament. The featured trap here is the Warp. The four Warps at the four corners of the map link to each other in a clockwise pattern, while the Warp in the middle of the screen will lead to a random other Warp each time it is entered.


  • Traps: Warp
  • Soft Blocks: 48
  • Items: 19 (40%)
    • BombUpStory BombUpStory BombUpStory BombUpStory BombUpStory
    • FireUpStory FireUpStory FireUpStory FireUpStory FireUpStory
    • SpeedUpStory SpeedUpStory SpeedUpStory
    • KickStory KickStory
    • PunchStory PunchStory
    • SkullStory SkullStory



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