Monk Bomber (Bomber Monk in Japanese and dubbed Monk Bomberman by Atlus) is a Bomberman who is skilled in the martial arts. He first appeared in Bomberman World.

Bomberman World

In Bomberman World, Monk Bomber is a selectable character in Battle Mode. He sets up "flashy" attacks and specializes in the Bomb Kick ability if he has it.

Bomberman Wars

In Bomberman Wars, Monk Bomber is able to move other characters around more quickly with his Thrust ability. By facing another character and selecting the "Thrust" ability, Monk Bomber will kick the other character two tiles in the direction that he is facing, provided that there is space for the character to be moved. This ability can be used to send other slow allies across the map, or to fend off opponents who are closing in.


  • Move - 2
  • Range - 1
  • Special - Thrust



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