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Wah ha ha ha! You must be Bomberman! Mmmmrrrraaaaawwwwrrr!!!! I am Molok! Master of the Raging Earth! If you handle over the Elemental Stones and join us, we can avoid this pointless conflict. But if you insist on defying us... You shall have to face me! I see... I admire your bravery! I would expect no less from one who has defeated an Astral Knight! Haaaaaaaaah! Now let us see what you can really do! Are you ready? Now you shall face the power of the earth itself!!

Molok, Bomberman 64: The Second Attack

Molok is the oldest of the Astral Knights and usually the fifth one fought (though he can be fought before Zhael). His element is earth, and he is called The Raging Earth.


He is often picked on by Zoniha. During the Rukifellth scenes, he always seems to appear on the elevator in the middle. Molok is the most muscular of the knights. He is fought on the Nature Planet of Neverland near the end of the stage, in a room with a grated floor above a lava pit. After he is defeated, Molok asks Bomberman what he fights for and rambles a bit before using the last of his energy to make the floor collapse. He vanishes in a blast of lava, in a death scene identical to his teleportation. Bomberman and Pommy are saved by Lilith. After the Angel of Light and Shadow is defeated, Molok is resurrected as an Elemental Knight.

Molok will sometimes use his Magma Eruption, so keep moving. Keep away from him at all times, because his Earthquake attack is unavoidable. Usually after he stuns Bomberman with this attack, he will charge at him and use Rockbreaker. To prevent his attack from hitting, press A and B repeatedly and simultaneously to recover, then walk out of the way. Planting a bomb where Molok is charging at will damage him. This is the easiest way to do so, as Molok cannot be stunned. He also uses an Instant Knockout attack.


  • Magma Eruption: He will send a column of magma up from below. (1 damage)
  • Earthquake: He will pound the ground, which will stun Bomberman. Unavoidable unless Bomberman has spawn protection from receiving damage.
  • Rockbreaker: Molok will charge at Bomberman and swing him around and throw him into the wall. (1 damage)
  • Atlas Toss: Molok will power up and charge at Bomberman. If he hits him with this attack, he will slam him on the ground repeatedly and then slam him down a final time, and Bomberman will instantly die in a blast of lava identical to Molok's teleportation.


In Warship

  • Ha! Excellent! I was getting bored watching my Elemental -- I could use a diversion!
  • Ho ho don't say? You're welcome to try anytime, Zoniha.

Behemos' defeat

  • They fought bravely, Zoniha! Show them a little more respect!
  • How dare you! Take it back, Zoniha, or...
  • Why you -- !

Ashtarth's defeat

  • It has been many years since such a strong opponent stood before us... I never thought I'd see one who could defeat 3 knights!
  • You're underestimating him, Zoniha -- judging him by his appearance. A warrior must be able to measure his opponent's true strength to win.
  • Is that true, Bulzeeb?

Ashtarth's defeat before Behemos'

  • Let Behemos be, Zoniha. I can attest to his strength.
  • What's so funny, Zhael?
  • Zoniha, I acknowledge your power as a warrior, but you know nothing of a warrior's manners. No matter how strong you may be, I can never respect you because of that.

Behemos' defeat after Ashtarth's

  • They fought bravely, Zoniha! Show them a little more respect!
  • How dare you! Take it back, Zoniha, or...
  • Zhael!
  • Why you...!
  • Do you know this Bomberman?
  • So...will it be me, or Zhael next...? I look forward to meeting this has been many years since I looked forward to a battle this much! Gah ha ha ha!

In Neverland

  • Ha! You must be Bomberman!
  • Mmmmrrrraaaaawwwwrrr!!!!
  • Master of the Raging Earth! If you hand over the Elementals and join us, we can avoid this pointless conflict. But if you insist on defying us, you shall have to face me!
  • I see... I admire your bravery! I would expect no less from one who has defeated an Astral Knight! [He disables Bomberman's remote.]
  • Now, let us see what you can really do! Are you ready? Now you shall face the power of the earth itself!
  • So... It is my destiny to be defeated as well.
  • I will not show my back to an enemy! There are some battles a warrior must fight, even if he knows he will lose! I have sworn an oath to Master Rukifellth! I want to know, Bomberman...what is it that you fight for? Why do you not falter in the face of such opposition?
  • You cannot fight...without a reason...gawk! Hrruk!
  • Hear my words...remember them... There are even stronger opponents waiting for you... You must fight them with all your might, or you shall die... You don't know yet the truth behind this struggle... Until you do, you must find your own reason to fight... If you don't, it will be your undoing...
  • Wah ha appears I've given to rambling a bit in my old age. Farewell! Watch! Watch and learn...what it means to give your all for victory!

In the True Ending

  • It is as Ashtarth says -- thanks to you, Bomberman.
  • I have a question for you, Bomberman. Did you ever find something worth risking your life for?
  • Ha ha! That's a good enough reason. [He turns to Rukifellth and Lilith.] Rukifellth...Lilith...thank you for all you've done. May you find happiness together.
  • Ha! Don't take the ramblings of an old man too seriously, Rukifellth! Farewell, my fellow warriors... Until we meet again...I wish you peace and happiness!


Molok's Japanese name (モロク) is identical to Moloch. Molok's English name is a minor misspelling of it.


  • His title can alternatively be translated as "The Angry Earth".
  • He bears some resemblance to the Thing.


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