Moguchan (モグチャン) is an enemy in Super Bomberman.


Moguchan is a mole like creature that will abruptly stop to burrow a hole in the ground and emerge in a random spot on the map.

Moguchan moves at a speed of 2, constantly pursuing the player. It cannot pass through other enemies. It will harm the player on collision.

Every now and then, Moguchan will abruptly stop and burrow a hole in the ground, leaving the stage. After two to three seconds, it will emerge in a different, random spot on the map.


  • The name "Moguchan" comes from the Japanese words "mogura", meaning "mole", and "chan", a diminutive suffix for names.
  • Strangely, Moguchan's sprites were radically changed for the European and U.S. versions of Super Bomberman. In the original Japanese version, Moguchan resembles its depiction in the official artwork (the leftmost sprite to the right on this page), while in the European and U.S. versions, it has no mouth and is green with a purple body (the rightmost sprite). The reason for this change is unknown, as it is the only enemy in the game that was modified for the overseas releases.
  • Moguchan's original Japanese colors finally appeared officially in Bomberman DS, though it kept the same physical structure of its U.S. and European Super Bomberman counterpart.



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