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The Missile Penguin (ミサイルペンギン) is a trap that appears in Bomberman '94.


These large penguins stand around the edge of the map and have missiles strapped to their backs. Each missile will periodically fire, launching up and out of the stage. It will then fall back to the ground on a random tile space, which is designated by a red X that appears to warn the player. If the missile lands on the player character, he will be stunned, if it lands on a Soft Block, the block will be destroyed, and if it impacts a bomb, that bomb will detonate. However, it doesn't have any effect on enemies.

The penguins reload their missiles indefinitely throughout the duration of the stage.

In Mega Bomberman the trap also appears in Battle Mode, in the South Pole stage. It is done slighty differently than in Normal Mode, the missile is just placed next to the penguins, not carried by the large penguins, but the behavior remains the same.

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