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Missile Man (ミサイルマン, Misairu Man) is an enemy in the Bomberman series.


Bomberman World[]

In Bomberman World, Missile Man appears on Planet Black. It moves slowly, but will follow the player if it is near him. It will detonate when it is destroyed, or when it collides with the player. The resulting explosion of Missile Man has a range of 9 Fire. It takes 1 hit to defeat and yields a score of 400 points.

Bomberman Portable[]

In Bomberman Portable, it reappears in the Ice World. In this game, Missile Man moves randomly but when it spots the player, it will rush at maximum speed toward him. It takes 1 hit to defeat it, and yields a score of 400 points.


  • Missile Man's appearance resembles that of another previous enemy, Dash, though it is red and blue and with eyes.



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