The Mine Bomb, also known as Landmine and Land Mine Bomb, is a type of bomb that activates when a monster or player steps on it. When deployed, it will fade into the ground. Typically, only the first bomb placed by a player will be a Mine Bomb, the rest will be regular bombs as long as the player has a single bomb on screen.[1] It usually appears as a flat disc with a light in the middle.


Occasionally, Mine Bombs are used to trigger newly deployed bombs, causing a quicker chain reaction than waiting for the bombs to explode. Mine Bombs are also great for surprising unaware players. The more that are laid on the ground, the more difficult it can be to keep track of them all. This can make it a hazard to the player who laid them if they forget their locations.

A player can lay one and hide in a corner to lure opponents in, but due to Screen Wrapping and the Power Glove, this can be a risky decision.

Another strategical way to lure opponents is to lay a Mine Bomb in a dead end with an item near it (as a bait), and when the player gets the item, he or she will trigger the bomb. The bait item could be a rare and attractive item such as a Full Fire or Super Power Glove, but a Heart or Vest would not work due to their effects.

In the games that allow players to carry Mine Bombs, a player who is caught by a Mine Bomb can carry it (only with the Power Glove, not the Super Power Glove). After it has been thrown, when touches the ground, it will explode really quickly, but it can be avoided. Stunning a player with the Mine Bomb or throwing into a dead end can prevent him or her from escaping.

Notable Land Mine Bomb Users


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