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Millian Road is a level that appears in Bomberman Hero. It is the third level of Area 2 of the Primus Star, Primus Castle, and it can be accessed by taking the upper exit from Water Pool. The Rank 5 target score for this level is 5000 (3000 for Japanese version). This is the second level in the game to use the Bomber Jet.


Millian Road takes place on the main hallway of Primus Castle. There are numerous living suits of armor around and enemies as well.


The main objective is to make it to the end of the level. Being a Bomber Jet stage, this stage can be rather difficult to earn the target score without taking much damage. Completing this level unlocks Dark Prison as the next level (as the actual level, Warp Room, can be accessed by taking the lower exit from Water Pool).



Adok Bomb[]

There are no Adok Bombs present in this level.

Treasure Hunt[]

Japanese and Western Version Differences[]

Changes to the Western version:

  • The three items at the beginning are moved forward a bit.
  • A heart at the beginning was moved to the left a bit.
  • Rotator enemies at the start aligned and spaced farther apart.
  • A pair of Rotator enemies (with laser) beyond the first central pillar instead of six Katanabasu enemies.
  • A vertical spike pillar was added before the window light beams.
  • A firepower to the left of the second central pillar instead of a heart.
  • A heart before the four Katanabasu enemies instead of a golden heart.
  • Two Rotator enemies were added above the three before the final stretch.
    • The lower Rotator enemies are repositioned, as well.
  • Two Rotator enemies were added to the right of the last vertical spike pillar.
    • The Rotator enemies on the left are repositioned, as well.
  • A Rotator enemy above the Big Cannon miniboss was moved to the right slightly, centering it.
Japanese Version Western Version
BHero Millian Road JP 1 BHero Millian Road EN 1
BHero Millian Road JP 2 BHero Millian Road EN 2
BHero Millian Road JP 3 BHero Millian Road EN 3
BHero Millian Road JP 4 BHero Millian Road EN 4
BHero Millian Road JP 5 BHero Millian Road EN 5
BHero Millian Road JP 6 BHero Millian Road EN 6
BHero Millian Road JP 7 BHero Millian Road EN 7
BHero Millian Road JP 8 BHero Millian Road EN 8
BHero Millian Road JP 9 BHero Millian Road EN 9