Metal Bomber (originally parsed Metal-Bomber[1]), known as Punk Bomber in Bomberman Party Edition, is one of the World Bombers, hailing from England. He sports leather clothing and often wears pointy shades. He also has a distinctive yellow mohawk.

Metal Bomber is a wild character with a quick temper. He likes heavy metal and enjoys underground nightclubs, but dislikes Raster-Bomber's music.[2] Despite his lone wolf persona, he is actually a very shy person and doesn't really hate anybody.[3]

In Super Bomberman - Panic Bomber W, he appears as the second boss. Like the other World Bombers, he was brainwashed by Bagura to cause chaos. After being defeated by Bomber-Man in the UK, he regained his consciousness.


  • Metal Bomber makes an appearance in Bomberman Jetters as one of the Bombermen who sign up for the B-1 Grand Prix.
  • Metal Bomber bears resemblance to an earlier character, Kamikaze Bomber.
  • Metal Bomber makes a cameo appearance in Saturn Bomberman as what appears to be a plush toy in the Bomber Catcher minigame.



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