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2018 March 15
The new gallery design has been enabled!
2017 July 11
The main page design has been updated. Leave a feedback on the talk page!
2012 July 12
Bomberman wiki has been updated to MediaWiki 1.19. Some codes may need correcting.
2012 June 02
The main page has gone another change. Leave a feedback on the talk page!
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Threads Latest edit Last editor
RP: Magnet Bomber and Pretty Bomber’s Marvelous Misadventures!16:05, November 29, 2019Lucasblakeman0
New bomberman game that hasn't been documented yet (Of what I could find)23:54, October 28, 2018PlayBud101
We need a new admin here14:43, March 17, 2018Throast
Is it true that's over ?00:27, June 8, 2017Tomodachidudeball
Does anyone know if people still play online on bomberman ultra on ps321:29, May 5, 201386.147.181.11
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