Mecha Onita (メカオニタ) is an enemy in Super Bomberman. It is the boss of world 4. It is a large robot that has boxing gloves.

Mecha Onita bounces around the ring, moving in diagonal directions and passing over all obstacles. Each time it collides with an outer wall, it will rebound and move in the next counter-clockwise direction. It will harm players on collision. Despite its large appearance, its collision area is a single block space at the bottom of its body.

Mecha Onita is invulnerable to all normal attacks. When it is hit by an explosion, it will be stunned and thrust in the opposite direction of the blast. After a moment, it will recover and continue its normal movement pattern. However, the ring in which Mecha Onita is surrounded by electric current. If Mecha Onita is blasted into the outer edge of the ring, it will take damage and then continue to move.

Due to the location of its collision area, players who stand on the very right, left, or upper edges of the arena cannot be harmed by Mecha Onita. However, the boss can reach the lower edge.


  • The name "Mecha Onita" may be a reference to the Japanese wrestler Atsushi Onita.



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