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Mecha Bomber (メカボンバー, Meka Bonbā) is an enemy in Super Bomberman.


The Mecha Bombers are robot replicas of the Bombermen that were created in an attempt to defeat them.


The Mecha Bombers were created by Carat Diamond and Dr. Mook for the purpose of kidnapping White Bomberman and stealing his "advanced combat capabilities".[1] They are fought one by one (or two by two, if a second player is present) on the Robot Tournament Grounds. 3 Mecha Bombers appear in Bomberman Portable at once, serving as the boss of the first world.


Mecha Bomber[]

Mecha Bombers behave similarly to the computer-controlled Bombermen in the Battle Game of Super Bomberman. Each one enters the arena with one Fire, one Bomb, and two Speed. Unlike other enemies in the game, they are only stunned when hit by a punched bomb, are not harmed by kicked bombs, and are able to collect the items that periodically appear in the stage, increasing their abilities. They are not affected by the Time Counter, but they can steal Time items from the players.

The first four Mecha Bombers (White, Black, Red, and Blue) have only one HP, while the next three (Green, Pink, and Purple) have two HP. They yield no score bonus upon defeat.[2]

Yellow Mecha Bomber[]

Yellow Mecha Bomber (黄色メカボンバー, Kiiro Meka Bonbā) is the fifth boss of Super Bomberman. It is the strongest Mecha Bomber, and is depicted in the Super Bomberman Prologue Comic as having single-handedly defeated Black Bomberman when Diamond and Mook assaulted his castle.[3] When it appears in the game, it is personally escorted by its creators.

Yellow Mecha Bomber is identical in behavior to the regular Mecha Bombers, but it begins the match with nine Fire, four Bombs, one Speed, and the Kick item. It also has five HP.[4]


  • Yellow Mecha Bomber is the only boss in Super Bomberman that is not accompanied by the boss theme.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, the first four Mecha Bombers have unique color palettes, while in the U.S. and European versions, they share the color palettes of the four player Bombermen.


They later appear in Neo Bomberman in one stage in the fourth stage as enemies rather than bosses.



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