Mazone Star is the fourth playable planet in the game Bomberman Hero. It has a white appearance which matches its cold climate well. Despite its appearance, it has many vast jungles across its surface.


Area 1: Louie's Jungle

  • Hopper Land
  • Junfalls
  • Freeze Lake
  • Cool Cave

Area 2: Slush Mountains

  • Snowland
  • Storm Valley
  • Snow Circuit
  • Heaven Sky
  • Eye Snake

Area 3: Mazone Dome

  • Vs. Nitros
  • Air Room
  • Zero-Gravity Room
  • Mirror Room
  • Vs. Cronus and Natia


Mazone may be named after the fictional Mazone race from the works of Leiji Matsumoto. Their name is sometimes transliterated as Mazon.


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