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"Max and White Bomber" is the 19th episode of the Bomberman Jetters series. It was aired on February 5, 2003.[1]


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White Bomber flashes back to when he and Mighty were inside a cave. White Bomber was scared that they would get lost. Mighty showed him the trick using the wind currents as a guide. At the Shumulvault, Mujoe gets arrested by Bagura for having his shitennou of four reduced to a nitennou of two. Thunder Bomber assures Mujoe that he will defeat the Jetters. He spies on Max and his bomb throwing, but Max sneaks up behind him incredibly fast. Thunder Bomber prepares a thunder bomb and when he is about to throw it, Max grabs his arm, makes him drop the bomb, and Max shatters the bomb. Thunder Bomber is shocked at how good Max is.

Shout spies on Birdy at the gas station. Birdy and Nightly talk about Max. Max is apparently one of the greatest space thiefs ever. Shout messes up and blows her cover and Birdy and Nightly disappear. She gets a call from Ein about the hige hige dan stealing honey. The Jetters assemble and Birdy is late because he got held up. Shout wonders if he noticed her spying on him.

The Jetters arrive at the ants nest planet, which is pretty much all tunnels. Birdy explains that not even radars work in the caves so if someone gets lost, they are screwed. Max is already on the planet and has a very high tech radar that even works in the tunnels. White Bomber makes a light bomb so the Jetters can see, but it goes out, so he makes another one, but made the wrong one and blows up the cave. White Bomber gets separated from the Jetters. He finds the honey first and Max unexpectedly walks up behind him. Max reacts quicker and makes a ton of smoke, snatches the honey, and runs. The Jetters hear the bomb and they split up to find White Bomber. White Bomber chases Max and comes to an intersection of a ton of tunnels. White Bomber throws a ton of bombs, and one rebounds off of a wall and destroys Max's radar. Both are hiding and deciding what to do next. White Bomber remembers the wind trick Mighty used. White Bomber prepares a balloon bomb, but there are already balloons in the cave. Max threw the balloon bomb. White Bomber confronts Max and he thinks that Max is his brother. White Bomber says that only he and Mighty could make that bomb. Max gets annoyed and throws a bomb, but Birdy swoops in and saves White Bomber. Max gets away and White Bomber explains to Birdy that Max is Mighty. The other Jetters show up, and Birdy tells White Bomber to shut up. Birdy leaves and Shout gets more determined than ever to find out Birdy's secrets.


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