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Max, also known as MA-10, is one of the main antagonists of the Bomberman Jetters anime, debuting in episode 6, although he made cameo appearances beginning with episode 3. He is the last prototype of the MA-series.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Max was created by Dr. Mechado. He was designed to have the abilities of Mighty and for Mechado to research more about the bomb elements. In season one, he was known as the Space Bounty Hunter, thought to be human until Birdy announced that he is, in fact, a robot. However, White Bomber believed Max was Mighty with forgotten memories; Max, however, denies the fact himself.

Hypocritically, however, all of Mighty's memories are in Max. One best example is when Max used the Balloon Bomb in episode 19 in which he used it as a guide to an exit.

At the end of episode 26, it seemed he survived the blast and half of his mask is now broken off. However, it was proven to be Zero (MA-0), a similar, but more friendly version of Max. It was discovered that Mechado repaired Max before finally taking over the Shumulvault.

At the end of the series, Max was officially destroyed by one of Zero's bombs. However, just before Max's body was destroyed, he transferred his data into Zero's body. Max then took control of Zero, but was taken out with White Bomber's "Ruse Bomb".


Max is arrogant to others, but is very loyal to Mechado. He obeys every command given to him, but likes to do it his own way, just like in the games. When Mechado orders Max to hunt down and destroy the Jetters, he does so, but in a somewhat violent manner, and refuses to stay down until White Bomber and Zero are dead, even though he was hit by numerous bombs during the attack. Max also has a habit of mocking his enemies in the anime to make them reach their full potential. An example of this is seen when he confronts Zero in the last few episodes to make him a better challenge. This ultimately backfires when Zero launches a Fire Bomb before Max has time to react.


Dr. Mechado[]

Being created by Dr. Mechado, Max remains loyal to him until the end of the series, where Max went on his own to defeat the Jetters, leaving Mechado unattended. In "The Longest Day of Mighty's Life," to prevent anybody from figuring out that Mechado is working with Max, Mechado requested Max to bomb him and retrieve the unique beach ball.

Max 6

Max holding the Hyper Plasma Bomb


Hyper Plasma Bomb[]

Anime-related games[]

Bomberman Jetters: Game Collection[]

Appears as a playable character in Battle Mode. His ability is Plasma Bomb.


  • His name may originate from MA-10, in which 10 in Roman numerals would be X, thus becoming MAX.
  • Max has blue eyes in the original games while he has red eyes in the Jetters anime. It is possible that was done to make him appear more villainous; however, in the Bomberman Jetters video game, he is depicted as a hero despite having the red eye design.


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