The Masked Trio (マスカー三人衆, Masker Trio, in Japan) is a group of evil bombers who served under Altair. Together, they helped Altair invade planets in order to absorb those planets' energies into the Omni Cube.



Artemis is the only female member of the group and was tasked to watch over Blue Resort. She confronted White Bomberman as he was crossing the bridge. In battle, Artemis rarely uses bombs and, instead, uses fire missiles to try and destroy White Bomberman. As she uses these missiles, she will either say "You're mine!" or "Bye bye!" making her the only character in Bomberman 64 to have active voicing other than sound effects. After she has been defeated, she will explode.


Orion is green-wearing member of the group that was tasked to watch over Red Mountain. Orion confronted White Bomberman while he was trying to get into the volcano. In battle, Orion uses bombs but mainly uses his force-field to try and stun White Bomberman and toss him into the lava. Orion must be dealt with from a safe distance in order to defeat him. After he is defeated, he will launch out one fire shockwave (which can kill Bomberman) before blasting away. Orion is later confronted in the heart of the volcano where he operates his machine Hades. This make Orion the only member of the Masked Trio that is fought twice in the game. After Hades is been destroyed, Orion goes down with the machine.


Regulus is the strongest member of the Masked Trio and was tasked to watch over White Glacier. Regulus tests White Bomberman to see if his strength is worthy. Regulus launches bombs in battle but his signature attack is dashing at White Bomberman and hitting him with a combo. After Regulus is defeated, he will tell White Bomberman he was lucky and he will defeat him at another time. If White Bomberman defeats Altair before obtaining 100 Gold Cards, Regulus will take off with the beaten Altair. If White Bomberman obtains more than 100 Gold Cards, Regulus will aid him in the final fight with Sirius. Regulus will act on his own and can take up to 10 hits before going down. After Sirius is defeated and the Rainbow Palace destroys Black Fortress once and for all, Regulus will fly White Bomberman out of harms way and flies off. Regulus later appears in the game Bomberman 64: The Second Attack under the name Bulzeeb.



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