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The Marbled Ballom, known as Marbling Ballom in Japan, is the boss of Planet Bomber in Super Bomberman R. It is the game's true final boss.


The Marbled Ballom is the amalgamation of all the berserk Balloms with a cyan clip and tiny purple devil wings. It appeared when it crushed Smuggler. It is fought in a square arena with some pieces cut out.

The Marbled Ballom has four attacks:

  • Body Slam - which strikes a small radius around its body and neutralises any bombs that Bomberman has placed down.
  • Spread Shot - which sends four Balloms out.
  • Homing Attack - which involves it sending Balloms high into the air (Bomberman can dodge this attack by continuously moving).
  • Damaged - A special attack called that sends regular Balloms out when hit by a bomb blast while performing any of the three other attacks.

When knocked down and deflated, a tiny pink-white gumball shaped mustached Ballom wearing a green and gold crown with rubies and emeralds studded on it appears. It is officially called the Core Ballom. The Core Ballom is the weak point, though it will move around to protect itself; as such, Bomberman needs to have plenty of bombs at his disposal as well as enough range to guarantee a hit.

Apparently, the Marbled Ballom reappears in the ending credits after Planet Bomber is completed. Here, since all of the Bomberman Bros., including the now-reformed Five Dastardly Bombers, are replaced by the Balloms, the Marbled Ballom obviously takes Golem Bomber's place.