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Maniac Mode is a multiplayer mode in Bomberman World. It is also a mechanic in other Bomberman games as well.


It is similar to the Battle Royale Mode, but includes two more options:

Set Items[]

Allow to set up items, for 15 available items. The player can only set up 9 items by categories. There are a total of 60 points that can be attributed. The items attributed will be the items that will be found during the stage (if no items are attributed, no items will be found during the stage).

Items that can be configured includes; Bomb Up, Bomb Pass, Rubber Bomb, Fire Up, Full Fire, Heart, Line Bomb, Speed Up, Geta, Wall Pass, Power Glove, Boxing Glove, Push, Kick, Skull.


Can set up 1 to 5 HP for each characters.


Other remaining options available in Battle Royale Mode are also configurable here. This includes options to set the Time, Victories, enabling/disabling Sudden Death, Spark Bomber, Bad Bomber etc...

All selectable characters are present normally like in Battle Royale Mode, but stages cannot be selected, and only the Standard stage is available.