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Mammoth Mummy is the third boss in Bomberman Generation.


It is the boss of Tako Desert and has two forms: a puppet and a mummified face with hands.

Boss Fight[]

The fight begins with a large puppet head hovering above a ring. It has four crystals that float around it and two small enemies that breath fire from three different mouths. The small enemies will regenerate and should be avoided as best as possible. The puppet head's eyes will glow before it fires red lasers and will occasionally slam itself against its ring. This will stun the player and send any bombs into the air. Before the puppet slams itself, a Big Pumped bomb must be thrown into the ring to damage it, and Andlar's ability would be particularly useful.

After enough hits, it will shut down before being infested with purple gas. It will come back to life with a mummified face and two hands with eyeballs in them. Mammoth Mummy will use its hands to use a magic power that resembles an effect of the Skull item. The player will have a strange wave around them and drop bombs involuntarily. The player should stay moving to avoid the bombs and can damage the mummy with a blast to its face. The mummy will occasionally spray poisonous gas from its mouth but if a bomb is placed before it, can make it damage itself. To harm the boss now, Bomberman must leave a pumped bomb that detonates right in front of the mummy's face, but only when its tentacles are fully extended out.

As it loses health, its magic power will change which is telegraphed by the hand rubbing the chin of the mummy. The bombs that Bomberman drops will be lifted into the air and thrown back at him.


  • Max may shows up during the fight, depending on the player's and boss HP and will toss a bomb, resulting in 1 HP damage to the boss, and leaves a Heart for the player to pick it up.