Come on! Let's go, you and me, one-on-one!

Mami, Bomberman Quest

Mami is a character who first appeared in Saturn Bomberman Fight!!. She is a bright, energetic, and honest young girl who entered the Bomber Tournament in order to cure her mother's illness.

Saturn Bomberman Fight!!

Mami lived in the corner of a small town, selling flowers with her mother. Despite their poverty, she led a humble and happy life until the day that her mother fell ill. Because her mother's body was already weak before the illness, and because the two could not afford to pay a doctor, her mother's chances for recovery seemed slim. When Mami heard rumors of the Bomber Tournament - that whoever should win will be granted any one wish - she signed up in the hopes that she could use that wish to cure her mother.[1]

Bomberman Quest

In Bomberman Quest, Mami appears as a secret boss character. She can be faced in Water Commander's room of Boss Cave 1 after Electro Commander has been defeated. She challenges Bomberman to a friendly duel. Once the battle has been initiated, the player cannot access the Menu Screen without leaving the room.


Mami moves slowly, often stopping at each tile space. She will kick any bombs that she runs into. When she gets close to Bomberman, she will attack with her Hammer in an attempt to stun him. However, she cannot harm him directly. When she has 4 HP or less, Mami will dig up the ground with her Shovel in an attempt to collect Mini-hearts until her HP is 5 or until there is no more floor to dig.

Mami has 10 HP. Homing Bombs will not seek her. Upon her defeat, Bomberman's HP will increase by one.[2]


  • Mami is good friends with Lewysia.


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