MagnetDragon is the first boss of Bomberman Tournament. It is the result of Magnet Bomber fusing with Pommy Fangs.

MagnetDragon begins the fight with a head and six body segments. It moves slowly, pursuing Bomberman. When Bomberman lines up horizontally or vertically with its head, it will stop moving and spit flames from its mouth, which extend in a straight line. This attack may extend up to seven tile spaces, and will harm Bomberman. It cannot be blocked with Ceedrun's shield.

However, when MagnetDragon uses this attack, the body segment at its tail end will disappear. Once all of the segments are gone, the boss will simply approach Bomberman, unable to issue its flame attack. Eventually, all six segments will grow back, one-by-one.

The boss may also eat bombs that it encounters on the field, removing them from play. A new segment will then grow from MagnetDragon's tail. It can only use this attack if it has at least one attached segment, but no more than six trailing.

MagnetDragon's weak point is its head. When it is hit with a blast, it will detach from its body; all body parts will remain stationary, exploding shortly after. Each segment explodes with a Fire range of one. If MagnetDragon's head is blasted while it is not connected to any other segments, then it will take damage and immediately begin to spawn six new body segments.

Boss Scene

Scene from the Guide Book

MagnetDragon's head cannot be hit with an explosion while it is issuing its flame attack. However, because it stalls for a while during that attack, bombs may be placed nearby. If timed correctly, the resulting blast will hit the boss once its attack is finished.

MagnetDragon has three hit points in total. Upon its destruction, Pommy Fangs is returned to Bomberman, and Magnet Bomber escapes.


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