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Machinder is the second boss of Super Bomberman 4. It is an exploding machine gun with samurai armor and barrels behind the back of its shoulders.


  • Machinder moves left and right at a quick pace, harming players and eliminating bombs that collide with it. It stays at the top of the screen throughout the battle.
  • Cannons - Machinder pauses its movement and fires a bomb out of one of its two arm cannons. The bombs that it launches slide across the floor toward the bottom of the screen, much like a kicked bomb would. If a launched bomb lands on an obstacle, it will bounce downward until it lands on a free space. Each bomb has a Fire range of 3. The boss may fire bombs rapidly.


  • The kanji on Machinder's chest is "炎", which means "flame".
  • Its eye tracks the players.
  • Machinder reappears in Hyperspace in the final round before Bagura Head.
  • It is possible that Machinder has a relationship with Jet Bomber.



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