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Machinda (マシンダ, Mashinda) is a recurring enemy in the Bomberman series.


It is a combining mecha that links up with other robots of its type.

Super Bomberman 3[]

In Super Bomberman 3, Machinda is found in the Battleship. It moves slowly, pursuing the player. When a player lines up with it horizontally or vertically, even if there are walls or bombs in between it and the player, the Machinda will move more quickly. It will also speed up if a player comes within a 3x3 tile range.

When two Machindas come in contact with each other, one will pause while the other hops onto it and connects with it. They will then both move together in pursuit of the player, one following the other. There does not seem to be a limit for how many Machindas can link up, though the max limit is eight. When the Machinda chain is hit by an explosion, each robot quickly scatters in a diagonal direction. If a scattering Machinda lands on an empty space, it will resume its normal behavior; otherwise, it will jump to another space, randomly moving in a diagonal direction.

A Machinda can only be damaged if it is not linked up or scattering. It will harm the player on collision. It takes 1 hit to defeat and yields a score of 300 points.

Bomberman World[]

It also reappears in Bomberman World, renamed as Gattain (ガッタイン), and redrawn with two yellow eyes. It appears in Planet Black. It moves slowly and pursues Bomberman when at close-range; it can move through bombs. The four orbs separate when they are bombed once, and they need to be bombed individually. Each orb takes 1 hit to defeat and yields a score of 800 points.

Bomberman DS[]

They reappear in Bomberman DS, but with an icy blue color, found in Area 7. In this game, they are separate from one another, but when they come in contact with another one, they just act as followers (and not directly connect to it), so they can still be bombed separately. It takes 1 hit to defeat and yields a score of 800 points.

Bomberman Portable[]

In Bomberman Portable, they appear in couple of areas. They retain the appearance, color and behavior from Bomberman World, but appear now in groups of three instead, following each other. When first bombed, they will separate from one another and each of them will wander in their own path. As separate entities, they just need 1 hit to defeat, and yields a score of 200 points.



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