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Louie is a recurring character in the Bomberman series.


Bomberman '94[]

Louie was first introduced in Bomberman '94 as a rideable character, along with other of its kind. He can be found inside an Egg and his ability is to run fast.

Super Bomberman 3[]

He can be found inside an Egg and his ability is to run very fast.

Bomberman Hero[]

Bomberman meets Louie on Mazone Star. His ability to jump high helps him in difficult platforming areas. He can wall jump to reach even higher places as well. He is also able to defeat enemies by jumping on them. He is available in only two stages, Hopper Land and Storm Valley.

Bomberman Fantasy Race[]

In this game, he appears as one of the selectable racers, available by default. He has very basic stats, except for his dash.

Bomberman Tournament[]

Louie makes a cameo appearance at the beginning of the game; found in the west side of the L. Forest. The player is required to take a photo of him with the Camera for an NPC in the beginning town, Alpha. In return, the player is allowed to keep a copy of the photo and is given a Sensor, an ingredient to create the Landmine Bombs.

Bomberman (N-Gage)[]

Appears with the other Louies. In this game as green, he doesn't have any particular ability, but if the player get the other Louies with riding him, he will be switched to the corresponding colored Louie and will inherit their ability.

Bomberman 3D Island[]

Louie is featured along with the other Louies. His ability is to dash fast.

Super Bomberman R Online[]

He can be found inside an Egg and his ability is to run very fast.

Amazing Bomberman[]

Appears as a rideable character found inside an Egg in Reaching To The Top. His ability is to perform a fast dash in straight line.

Super Bomberman R 2[]



  • Louie also appeared in quite a few games, and even the Bomberman Jetters Anime, where he appeared younger.
  • He also appeared in the Bomberman Land games, with a chibi style just like the rest of the cast.
  • In Bomberman Party Edition he also appears as a Bonus Item in Classic Mode.