Little Demon (小魔神 Komajin) is an enemy that appears in some Bomberman games. It is a jumping, dancing figure.

Super Bomberman 4

Little Demon moves at a slighly quick pace in a straight path until it hits a block, bomb, or another enemy. At that point, it will pause, then change direction. Randomly, it may stop in its tracks and bounce in place for a while, but it will continue to move in its current direction afterward.[1] It will harm the player on contact.

Super Bomberman 5

In Super Bomberman 5, it has the same role as the previous game, but its behavior is slightly different. It now moves at a slow pace, does not pause before changing directions, and does not change directions upon colliding with another enemy.

Bomberman Max

Little Demon moves at a normal pace. It sometimes pursues the player, and sometimes moves randomly, turning at intersections. It can jump over single blocks.


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