Bomberman Wiki

Beta elements consists of data such as sprites, music and many similar things that were removed or altered before the game's release date. Beta elements may still be found in the game's coding, but remain unused during normal gameplay.

Bomberman (TG-16)[]

Two bonus sprites and a different Black Bomberman animation are unused. The bonus items' given abilities or purposes remains a mystery. The American manual contains errors that may be remnants of an earlier version. For example, Boyon's image is in place of Pontan, and Telpio's artwork isn't consistently correct with the game. 

Bomberman II []

Originally, Doria was going to appear as a standard enemy, but is removed for unknown reasons. All that remains of its appearance is its moving sprites and its defeat sprite. Sprites found here.

Super Bomberman []

In unused elements of the game, there is a debug menu and a sound test. Also, a VRAM is found.