Thanks to you, everything is back to normal! Thank you, Bomberman... And you too, Pommy! I can't tell how grateful I am to you both!

Lilith, Bomberman 64: The Second Attack

Lilith (Lily in Japanese) is a red-haired girl who appears in Bomberman 64: The Second Attack.


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Lilith is a space pirate who travels the galaxy with her partner, Rukifellth, in search of treasure. One day, they stumble across the Celestial Stone and Rukifellth becomes possessed by the demon Sthertoth. Lilith has been in pursuit of a way to help her friend ever since and followed him into the black hole where his base is. She encounters Bomberman and Pommy and helps them to take down Rukifellth's army.

Lilith disrupts the confrontation between Bomberman and Zhael, she warns him not to give her Elemental Stones but she was blasted by Zhael's lightning attack. After Zhael's defeat, Lilith says Bomberman won and she lost. Zhael was about to destroy Lilith, Mihaele creates the barrier around her and prevent Zhael from killing her.

After Bomberman's massive battle against Molok, Lilith saves him and Pommy from falling to the lava and take them somewhere safe.

During this time, Lilith becomes possessed with by the Goddess Mihaele, who slowly gains complete control over her. When they meet on the Warship Noah, Lilith is under her full control and she is forced to fight against Bomberman to see if he is strong enough to match Sthertoth.

When Sthertoth attempts to destroy the universe, Mihaele appears and stops him before fusing back together with the demon. After this, Lilith is returned to normal.

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Lily refers to a type of flower. Lilith refers to the biblical Lilith, which is a rare example of a religious reference added in localization. Both are common female given names.


  • In the Japanese version, her title translates to "Woman Warrior". It is unknown why it was changed to "The Scourge of the Spaceways" in the English version, especially since it foreshadows her reveal.
  • A character named Lilith in the 2009 video game Borderlands strongly resembles this character.


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