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The Lightning Stone is one of the seven Elemental Stones in Bomberman 64: The Second Attack.


The Lightning Stone is carried by Zhael, Mistress of the Storm on the Game Planet Starlight.

Bomb Ability

Lightning Bombs: After retrieving the elemental stone of lightning, Bomberman can create bombs that discharge electricity. The only differences between lightning bombs and fire bombs is that lightning bombs bear a great lightning bolt mark on the front on violet instead of navy, the explosions are violet instead of orange, and the explosions go through walls and other objects, unlike fire bombs' explosions. Lightning bombs can be used to destroy machines and supercharge, or short-circuit electronic equipment depending on the situation. Bomberman can use a maximum of 4 at a time (one more for each bombup).

  • Big Lightning Bombs: Big Lightning Bombs create great discharges of violet and white electricity, lasting much longer than regular lightning bombs. After the explosion dissipates it leaves three small circular bolts of residual lightning that can still injure enemies for a second.