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BG - Lightning Card

Lightning Cards are collectible items in Bomberman Generation and Bomberman Jetters.


They are card that are collected by doing certain objectives.

Bomberman Generation[]

In Bomberman Generation they can be found hidden in the stages and can be collected during the mini-bosses fights (no cards during the major boss fights) by doing specific objectives. There are a total of 73 Cards. Each level holds 3 of them, and each mini-bosses, 5. If all of the cards are collected, Max will be unlocked as a playable character in Battle Mode.

Note: The Lightning Cards the player find are only registered as "acquired" upon completing the level/beating the mini-boss. Exiting the level or having a Game Over during the level after collecting a Lighting Card, will not save the Lightning Card and it needs to be collected again.

Bomberman Jetters[]

In Bomberman Jetters they are given to the player for doing certain instructions during the boss fights. When all of them are collected, Mujoe and Dr. Mechado are the true final bosses.

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