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Light Stone

The Light Stone is one of the seven Elemental Stones in Bomberman 64: The Second Attack.


The Light Stone is carried by Zoniha, The Purifying Light on the Amusement Planet Epikyur. Light is the only element that cancels out the power of Shadow.

Bomb Ability[]

Light Bombs: Light Bombs create strong, bright light and stop time for anything in the blast radius. They look like bombs made out of light bulbs, and are white with two metal "belts" across its surface. The light bomb's fuses are blue. Most enemies are not critically injured by light bombs, but those that can be are killed almost instantly, and all others are at least frozen in place. Using light bombs Bomberman can stop escalators/conveyor belts for a few seconds to gain whatever is past them (Powerups, Custom Parts, etc.) Fireups do not increase their actual fire power, but do increase length of the explosions. Bomberman can use a maximum of one at a time (Bombups do not affect them.) simply because of its power.

  • Big Light Bombs: Big Light Bombs create an even greater explosion, the same size as a maxed out standard light bomb, but much longer. It also shoots several rays of light outside the actual radius itself, generating more light but not causing damage outside of the explosion.