Lewysia[1] is a character who first appeared in Saturn Bomberman Fight!!. She is the graceful princess of a certain unspecified country.

Saturn Bomberman Fight!!

Lewysia was living the comfortable life of a princess, but felt too sheltered and restricted. After having seen a broadcast of the Bomber Tournament grounds, she snuck out of her father's castle to join the competition.[2]

Bomberman Quest

In Bomberman Quest, Lewysia appears as a secret boss character. She can be faced in Electro Commander's room of Boss Cave 2 after Hurricommander and Mami have been defeated. After adventuring and making friends with the escaped monsters, she challenges Bomberman to a friendly duel. Once the battle has been initiated, the player cannot access the Menu Screen without leaving the room.


Lewysia moves randomly, placing bombs. She will often jump when a bomb is about to explode. Anyone who is caught in the blasts of her Poison Bombs will receive a slowdown ailment for a short time. Because she has the Teleport Armor, she will warp to a random location on the screen each time she is hit with a blast.

Lewysia has 10 HP. Homing Bombs will not seek her. Upon her defeat, Bomberman's HP will increase by one.[3]


  • Lewysia is good friends with Mami.
  • "Lewysia" refers to lewisia, a genus of flowers.


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