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Lewisia Aqua Blue, known as Aqua for short, is an unlockable playable character in Bombergirl. She was first advertised in the game’s updated cover art on January 31, 2018, and first formally introduced in the 『ボンバーガール』キャラクター紹介ムービー Bombergirl Character Introduction Movie on February 20, 2018. Aqua was added to the game on March 2, 2018 after spending the previous week in location testing, and "officially" joined the game during the "Happy Ovapi (Ovape) Halloween Party!" event that began on October 25, 2018.


Aqua is a vampire able to walk, dwell within daylight. Living in a castle with her aristocratic family, Aqua tired of the tedium and left the structure to seek interesting adventures. She is a Blocker-type Bombergirl who is able to place horizontal walls, summon Supporters, whisk invaders away to their own base, and heal allied players as well as structures.


A young lady from the noble Lewysia Aquablue vampire family. Aqua fled the tedium of daily perfection at her estate in search of adventure and defeat.

Hobby "I'm good at chess. I'm also a little fond of ballet."
Likes "I suppose I'm pretty particular about black tea."
Dislikes "I don't have one, but if I have to say something, I suppose it's "boredom"..."
Birthday August 1
Brand Unknowns, Inc.

Basic Strategy & Stats[]

Aqua is a Blocker who excels at obstructing the enemy's actions. She can block the enemy's path by summoning Supporters to chase them down, or outright force the enemy to return to their starting position, thereby thwarting their invasion.

HP Max Bombs Max Fire Max Speed
Extra-High x3 x4 x5


Default skills are always available, while additional skills must be obtained through the Bomber Gacha.

Picture Skill Name Description Type & Level
Lewisia Skill 1
1. Servant Knight Aqua summons one Supporter. Team Level 2
(Default Skill)
Lewisia Skill 2
2. Aquablue Moon Casting a spell, Aqua forces surrounding enemy players to return to their base. Team Level 5
(Default Skill)
Lewisia Skill 3
3. Princess Wall Aqua generates three blocks in a horizontal line right in front of her. Team Level 1
(Additional Skill)
Lewisia Skill 4
4. Vampire Kiss With a kiss as activation, Aqua blows a heart that restores a little HP to nearby ally team players, or durability to nearby ally structures. Team Level 3
(Additional Skill)


  • Aqua is based on Princess Lewysia from Saturn Bomberman Fight!! on the Sega Saturn, as is her family name.
  • Even though she lives amongst humankind and is not the type of vampire to attack, feed upon humans, Aqua still fears the vampire huntress Sepia Belmont. The huntress' attitude and intimidation is enough to unnerve Aqua, but the vampire dreads being put into the Sister's "love hug" due to her absurd physical strength.
  • Blueberry is her alternate personality, which is unleashed after being hit in the head by tofu fired from Pine's launcher in the webcomic.
  • Aqua is the eighth shortest character in the game, standing 145cm tall; this also applies to her alternate personality Blueberry, which makes her the tallest idol in the Pretty Bombers.
  • Aqua is found very early in the game's lore and webcomic to be on very bad terms with Momoko of the Pretty Bombers. Presumably, in more recent times, this animosity has been settled.
  • While the other Bombergirls refer to the player as "master" or similar authoritative terms, Aqua is unique in that due to her status as an aristocrat, she refers to the player as "servant" (下僕様 gebokusama).
  • The Aquablue Castle map set represents Aqua's actual home dwelling and estate.
  • Aqua's Vampire Kiss ability was not originally present in the Bomber Gacha when she premiered, but was added to the game through the New Skill Initiation Gacha event.
  • Aqua is the 8th playable character added to Bombergirl.
  • Aqua Chinon from Chase Chase Jokers is most likely based on her, sharing a similar name, appearance and both have vampiric background and features the same voice actress.



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