Leaping Fire (おどれファイヤー) is the tenth and seemingly final stage in the Battle Game of Super Bomberman 5. It is the game's Super Bomberman 2 stage. It appears to located in Zone 2 of Terrorin World, and more specifically, it appears to be a recreation of Golem Bomber's Flame Stage. The gimmick with this stage is that there are no Soft Blocks and bombs have maximum firepower. Regardless of what the current Battle Group is set to, all players will start the match with the following power-ups:

  • SB5bombupsprite SB5bombupsprite SB5bombupsprite SB5bombupsprite
  • SB5fireupsprite SB5fireupsprite SB5fireupsprite
    SB5fireupsprite SB5fireupsprite SB5fireupsprite

Battle Group 1


Battle Group 2

Password: 4622

Battle Group 3

Password: 0413

Battle Group 4

Password: 0926
Note: Players can use the tunnels on the top of the stage to warp to the bottom and vice-versa. They should use caution however, as explosions can also use these tunnels to reappear from the other side of the screen, and inattentive players can be caught off-guard. Players should also be cautious when using these tunnels because in Super Bomberman 5 walking speed without any Speed-Ups is very slow and the tunnels are 5 tile spaces in length.


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