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The Land Mine (地雷, Jirai) is a trap that first appeared in Super Bomberman 2. It is a stationary trap that takes up one tile space. When the player walks into a Land Mine, it will detonate and inflict damage. The resulting explosion only covers the single tile space that the trap occupies.


In the Battle Game, a trap called the Crystal Block (クリスタルブロック, Kurisutaru Burokku) functions identically to the Land Mine. It differs only in its appearance. It is colored similarly to the Hard Blocks in the stage so that it may catch unwary players off guard in the midst of battle.


Some Land Mines are not initially visible. These Hidden Land Mines (かくし地雷, Kakushi Jirai) only appear when the player comes within one tile space of them. Otherwise, they are identical to regular Land Mines.

Land Mines can be detonated by bomb explosions, safely removing them from the map.

Bomberman Quest[]

In Bomberman Quest, Land Mines are barely visible, appearing as a few pixels on the ground. They explode in a circular blast when stepped upon. The Jump Shoes or Wings may be used to pass over them. They are found by defeating Kurin.

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