Kuragedaru is an enemy that appears in some Bomberman games. It is an electric jellyfish that lives underwater.

Kuragedaru moves at a normal pace, turning randomly at intersections. It tends to stay close to its starting position on the map, but if a player comes too close, it will pursue. Periodically, it will pause and produces an electric shock attack, which affect the 8 tilespaces surrounding the monster. Players hit by either the attack or the monster will take damage.

In Bomberman Tournament, it is known as Sparky (スパーキー), and appears as a smaller jellyfish. It weakly pursues the player and continues to move when it produces its electric shock attack.


  • The name "Kuragedaru" comes from the Japanese word "kurage", meaning "jellyfish".
  • This enemy first appeared in an earlier Hudson Soft game, Neutopia II.



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